Mercury Media: The Ultimate in Performance

Direct Response. Done Right.

Mercury lives and breathes direct response— it’s in our DNA

It doesn’t matter if it’s Short Form, Long Form, Hispanic DRTV marketing, paid media, or cost per acquisition (CPA) TV, Mercury delivers superior results. Our buying power and industry experience are unrivaled and we bring more insight to the table than anyone in the business. Our extensive performance database and industry leading analytic systems give us a competitive edge that benefits each and every one of our clients.

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Mercury has all the channels covered — making the most of offline and online

As the world of online marketing continues to grow, so does its complexity. Full-service Mercury iMarketing knows all of the channels inside and out: their specific uses, benefits and challenges, and how they work, both separately and together. With a deep understanding of your business, industry and competitive space we identify and implement a marketing strategy to help you get the best performance out of your online marketing.

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Mercury measures success by the numbers — with our cutting-edge analytic tools.

Mercury is able to accurately gauge the success of any campaign, whether it’s on TV or the internet… or both. With the use of industry-leading tracking and reporting solutions, we make data driven decisions that maximize your campaign performance.

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