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Mercury lives and breathes direct response — it’s in our DNA

Media investments are some of the largest business expenses any company will have. It is critical that you have a partner who will manage these scarce and valuable dollars with the care, passion and rigor to ensure maximum ROI. We will assist in setting budgets and targets, in determining which media channels are best to reach your target audience, and in achieving the most efficient pricing. Whether you are looking for the more traditional media channels, such as television, press, radio, outdoor, cinema and direct mail; or the ever evolving online channels, such as online display, VOD (Video On Demand), mobile, affiliate management, social media and search engine marketing (SEO and PPC); we have the expertise to help you.

Mercury lives and breathes direct response

It doesn’t matter if it’s Short Form, Long Form, Hispanic DRTV marketing, paid media, or cost per acquisition (CPA) TV, Mercury delivers superior results. Our buying power and industry experience are unrivaled and we bring more insight to the table than anyone in the business. Our extensive performance database and industry leading analytic systems give us a competitive edge that benefits each and every one of our clients.

Mercury lives and breathes direct response

Our difference is the start point. Use digital to buy outcomes, not just audiences. We provide a complete range of digital services including SEO, SEM, CPA, Affiliate, Video, Display, Mobile, and Social Media, which are seamlessly integrated with attribution analysis at every stage. We provide best in class standalone digital services, however as always, these are even better together as part of an integrated media investment strategy.

Mercury lives and breathes direct response

Our approach is based on expertise and excellence, not separation. Our clients live at the intersection of the General Market, Latin American and Hispanic cultures, just like America itself does. We offer a full service support from creative to digital, and we are maximizing the growth potential for our clients through this increasingly critical area of media.

Mercury lives and breathes direct response

With a network of affiliate agencies across Europe, Latin America, and Asia, we are able to help our clients find additional growth opportunities in new markets. We offer help with all stages of international expansion and can provide management and control regardless of time zone or language.

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Our Clients

Our clients range from big brands, to top DR marketers, to entrepreneurs. They compete in a wide range of category verticals and demand differing skill sets – lead generation, brand-building, drive to web, direct to consumer, or drive to retail.


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