Our Approach

Mercury Media has a four-step mantra for success. We believe this model drives business-building growth, and it is essential to our media channel investment excellence.

We SeekClarity.

At Mercury, we believe that a successful media campaign starts with a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ business. We custom design each media strategy, as every client and deserves thorough analysis of their unique needs as a company.

We SellCertainty.

Analytics are at the core of what we do. Our proprietary forecast modeling allows us to accurately predict the outcome of our media efforts. From campaign strategy to optimization, our team of analysts use a suite of diagnostic solutions to pinpoint precisely what works best for our clients. By following the data, we are able to optimize our media solutions.

We AchieveScale.

We know that offline and online don’t operate in a vacuum. In today’s world, a balanced media mix is pivotal to ultimate success. As a full-service performance agency, we offer fully integrated media solutions to our clients in order to maximize campaign potential.
And our solutions don’t stop at the test. We promise to optimize ROI beyond the initial launch. We treat our clients’ money as our own, dedicating 100% of our attention from launch to full rollout.

We GenerateGrowth.

Response is not a “first touch/last touch” equation. At Mercury, we monitor and measure every media touchpoint along the entire sales funnel. Our attribution model allows us to analyze the strength of our media solutions and determine which investments will best drive our clients’ success.
We track sales back to the originating cost events, along with all touches in the conversion path, allowing for a holistic view of the customer journey. This enables our proprietary attribution systems to effectively assess interplay across channels and optimize the marketing mix and overall returns on ad spend.

Our Story

Mercury Media has long been an innovator in all formats of direct response advertising. We have a commitment to providing our clients with superior performing media campaigns that achieve their strategic objective and maximize their return on investment. In addition to strong media buying, we believe that strategy, planning, and analysis of response data are critical to the success of any marketing campaign.

Founded in 1989 and owned by founders, management and EOS Partners since 2006, Mercury Media is the largest independent performance-based marketing agency in the country.

With six offices across the US and global affiliates, we have built a reputation for providing our clients with the highest levels of service coupled with the best media pricing; we deliver optimal levels of ROI for our clients’ media investments. As an organization, we are engaged in the continual pursuit of finding a better way for our clients. We provide them with the passion and resources necessary to deliver the best possible results.


Our Team

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    Beth Vendice President, Short Form
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    Keith Kochberg President, Digital
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    Liz Woodhouse Vice President, Human Resources
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    Ruben Hernandez President, Long Form & Espanol
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    Justin Henderson Vice President, Digital Services
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    Alex Sapoznikov Senior Vice President, Analytics & Data Strategy

Our Culture

Unified by our beliefs, our team of industry veterans creates a unique culture constructed around driving performance for our clients and being accountable for one another. As The Performance Agency, we know our success is depending on delivering reliable results. We are determined to help our clients reach their maximum potential, and our values reinforce the notion that our clients always come first. The following are some of our core values at Mercury.


We Not Me

Each of our employees brings unique expertise to the table. Constant collaboration across teams allows us to blend and harness our strengths, thereby enabling us to best serve the needs of our clients.

Outcome Focused

Business should always be focused on outcomes that clients need for their business growth. We focus on results that our people deliver for our clients.

Bounces Back

In an industry that is frequently in flux, we stress the importance of being resilient, optimistic, and solution-minded. We have the confidence to overcome setbacks, and we encourage our people to reflect and learn from situations.

Delivers Performance

As The Performance Agency, we aim high to deliver excellence. By defining measurable goals and constantly evaluating our progress, our key objective is to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

Data Driven

Results, results, results. At Mercury, we know that information and a thorough understanding of the data provides us with real power to drive client success. We combine a close analysis of your campaign with our $7B data warehouse in order to impeccably steer your investments.

Honesty & Respect

Reputation is everything. Honesty is the foundation for a sound organization both within the agency and with our clients. Our practice revolves around integrity and transparency, and we ensure that we maintain open lines of communication around the clock.

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