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About Us
Mercury DRTV

For over 20 years, Mercury has been building Brands using DRTV across every imaginable category. We are the unrivaled experts in both Short Form and Long Form and have pioneered cost-per-action (CPA) TV.

With Mercury DRTV, you get unparalleled buying power from our long term relationships, the industry’s largest performance database and state-of-the-art analytics systems.

We can provide the knowledge and insight to make your brand a success using DRTV.

Short Form

Mercury has one of the most experience Short Form teams in the DRTV business. They understand direct marketing – not just direct response. They are focused on business results – not mere media results. They know what it takes to be successful.

Long Form

Mercury Media is dominating force in the Long Form direct response television business. We have helped most of the top direct response marketers meet with spectacular success—including some of the most renowned infomercial brands.

Performance Guarantee

Mercury pioneered the Performance Guarantee Model (PGM). It is a one of a kind, win-win strategy that provides guaranteed performance against client goals. It mitigates your risk and minimizes your cost. It is like cost-per-action (CPA) TV.

Mercury Media’s expertise in Long Form and Short Form DRTV dramatically enhances your chances of marketplace success.