Analytics are at the heart of our success. We are the innovators when it comes to the development of DR analytics systems. We have developed industry leading analytic systems and proprietary tools that enable us to drive predictable and profitable business results. We have worked with leading universities to develop predictive models using our extensive performance database.

Our systems allow us to dig deeper into the data to uncover true insights into what is working. Our attribution models are built on a realistic understanding of actual consumer behavior and the interaction between online and offline media. And we do this all in real time.


This proprietary, state-of-the-art analytics and media management system was created solely for Mercury Media and our clients. It is both a performance analytic system and a media management system that organizes individual response data hour-by-hour, program-by-program.

ROI Advantage

Mercury iMarketing was born in the era of the Internet. So it’s only natural that technology remains a driving factor in our approach to online marketing – and in ensuring our clients’ success.

Attribution Models

Digital Attribution
Because attribution analysis is one of the key challenges facing multi-channel marketers, it’s also a key component of Mercury iMarketing’s campaign optimization and analysis.

Web Attribution
Web attribution for DRTV is an inexact science. Some claim to have the right answer, but the honest truth is – no one has the perfect answer.