ROI Advantage

ROI Advantage

Mercury iMarketing was born in the era of the Internet. So it’s only natural that technology remains a driving factor in our approach to online marketing – and in ensuring our clients’ success.

Enter ROI Advantage (ROIA). With this essential tool, we’ve rolled all of our insight, experience and best practices into a proprietary, web-based platform to track, analyze and optimize the full scope of online marketing activities.

It provides an instant online window into all of your marketing campaigns, making it easy to monitor and maximize ROI in real-time across multiple campaigns. There’s no need to maintain separate tracking systems for different campaigns, or manually compile and analyze data. ROIA does it all for you.

Through the combination of ROIA and our seasoned team of online marketing gurus, Mercury iMarketing can plan, execute and optimize your campaigns with confidence.

ROI Advantage

Out on the web, ROIA offers out-of-this-world capabilities to follow, analyze and maximize your marketing efforts.