Attribution Models

Attribution Models

Digital Attribution
Our ROI Advantage (ROIA) tracking and reporting platform de-dupes conversion events across channels and assigns attribution based on last click or last view, with a click-based conversion overriding a view-based conversion. Our Conversion Path feature stores previous actions that occurred prior to the last click, allowing actions to be viewed and providing a more complete history. Complicated? Not to us techies. And it can do wonders for your bottom line.

Web Attribution
At Mercury Media we have developed a web attribution model and process that has proven to deliver greater performance. We have developed a Web Allocation algorithm we that draws on our extensive database of web response and media spend. Our attribution is based on both historical performance, a multivariate attribution criteria as well as a testing and roll out process.

We have built it to be dynamic so we can customize it and make adjustments to further optimize results. We have market tested it with many of our clients and proven its worth. The Web Attribution tool is built into our MediaTrak reporting and tracking system so it is an integral part of our optimization process.