Performance Guarantee

Performance Guarantee

Mercury’s Performance Guarantee Model (PGM) is a one of a kind, win-win strategy that provides you with a guarantee on performance. It mitigates your risk and minimizes your costs.

Our Short Form Performance Guarantee provides large scale, performance based TV media exposure that not only allows your costs to be fixed, but also offers flexible volume delivery. The advantage is all yours, because PGM is not “Per Inquiry.” We make the media investment in quality DRTV media across national cable and syndication, delivering you predictability, scalability, transparency—and far less risk. Plus, to best match your needs, we offer two highly flexible, strategically designed models: Cost-Per-Action Metrics to guarantee you a fixed cost-per-action, and Traditional Media Metrics.

There’s nothing to lose—and everything to gain—with a pay-per-performance commitment. Only from Mercury Media.

Mercury’s PGM offers lower risk, minimized spending, and flexibility to give you a real advantage.