Effective planning is the key, initial step to developing a high-performing campaign. We provide a multilevel planning process.

Business Planning

We work with clients on a financial model that looks at all the cost variables that go into a making a successful direct response brand — a dynamic model that allows us to manipulate variables to show clients the path to profitability.

Market Planning

Working closely with our clients, we do a deep dive into their market, brand and competition using a variety of research resources to come up with a powerful direct marketing plan. With a clear understanding of the client’s product, consumer and, most importantly, their goals and strategies, we build a market plan outlining the critical strategies for success.

Media Planning

Our media planning process takes a very integrated and data driven approach, with a targeting strategy that marries syndicated research with response data from our historical database. This lets us profile the best prospect and identify media properties to deliver the most qualified customer and best ROI. And, we do this across platforms, for integrated media plans that leverage both online and offline media channels.

Our insightful financial, market, and media planning ensure cross-platform programs that work for you.